Happy Election Year, Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

Happy election year, my Christian Friends & Homeschoolers! You might be asking yourself, “What does it all mean?” Well, in looking at our television sets, newspapers, online articles with comments, and our smartphones; we can’t help but see election year information almost everywhere! Who will be elected?  We will elect the next president of the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my Christian Friends & Homeschoolers! Oh, how sweet you might be thinking. Well, I am trying to be sweet. What is the origin of Valentine’s Day? How can you teach your child about Valentine’s Day in your homeschooling program? First off, let’s use one of the resources the internet provides –Wikipedia. Instruct […]

Semantic Mapping #1

Hello fellow Christians & Homeschoolers! Have you heard of the instructional strategy called “semantic mapping”? It is basically a graphic organizer–the organizing of words and meanings around a topic you want your child to learn. You use this strategy when you want your child to build upon his prior knowledge; or what he already knows […]