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Reading is looking at written symbols and getting meaning from them. A phonogram is a letter or group of letters that represent a sound. Here is a good website to reference phonograms. There are many methods to learn how to read. One method is using phonograms. Phonograms can make early reading and spelling much easier. Learning to read is also about listening to what is printed on the page. Through hearing stories, children are exposed to a wide range of words. That is why audible books are a great way to teach children how to read.

A phonogram is a letter or combination of letters that represent a sound. For example:

  • CK is a phonogram that says /k/ as in clock.
  • is a phonogram that says /s/ as in sat or /z/ as in has.
  • OY is a phonogram that says /oi/ as in boy.

The word phonogram comes from Greek and is literally translated as the “written symbol for a sound.” Phono refers to sound. Gram refers to written symbol. So, phonogram is a written symbol that represents a sound.

There are 70 phonograms which represent 45 basic sounds of the English language. Also included are 2 blends represented by phonographs and 8 less frequently-used phonograms.

Homeschoolers: Sketch an illustration. Describe “phonograms.”


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