Exciting New Testament Stories Come to Life!

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 Make the scriptural accounts of the Lord and His Apostles come to life today with Learning to Read: New Testament Stories while increasing your literacy. Using industry-proven reading comprehension techniques, learning to read has never been easier or more fun! Just click on this Amazon link.

Your child, homeschooling, ESL learners and even adults, will immediately appreciate the 30 colorful, fully illustrated stories while becoming a smarter reader in no time. Increase your retention, comprehension, and vocabulary by immersing yourself in these easy-to-read, beautiful, inspiring stories from the holy word of the New Testament. Exciting audiobook that will engage your child in the word of God.

About Martha Quinn

Book author, licensed teacher, master's degree (Reading K-12, Social Studies 7-12). Former homeschooler. Happily married Christian with two terrific children. Loves animals, swimming, music, fishing, gardening, cooking, traveling, exciting movies, good books, and the great outdoors.

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