Contributor’s Guidelines

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Homeschoolers with experience and educators are welcome to share their expertise. shelf-159852Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributing writer for This homeschooling website is dedicated to the education of homeschooling Christians. Please query us with a proposal that includes a summary of the article or coursework (including approximate length with links), and appropriate details.

Your article or coursework cannot promote or sell any product. You must write about your expertise, not your product. We are welcoming appropriate coursework for all ages. Your biography will be placed with your article, free of charge, and may promote your website.

We will acknowledge receipt of your query within 90 days and make a decision to accept or decline the proposed article as quickly as possible. The review process may take longer. Our editor will contact you if we decide to accept a queried article. Publication of accepted materials is based on our needs and publication schedule.

We look forward to your contribution to homeschooling Christians at our website.