Fairy Tales Just For You!

I’m so excited to share with you the news of Learning to Read: Favorite Fairy Tales (Kindle edition) now available on Amazon! Print version coming soon! Awesome! Nifty! Fun! Dreamy! Cool! Easy to read children’s book! Once you and your homeschooler read it, you will totally agree! Remember the fairy tale about the forgotten young […]

Do Not Be Sad

Have you read the book The Broken Way: A Daring Path Into The Abundant Life? As I watched the book trailer on YouTube, I was touched by what appeared to be an invitation to especially Christian readers to not be afraid of challenges, but to embrace them as an opportunity to rise above them. It […]

Free High School Classes

Do you want to know more about #free high school classes for your homeschooler or even yourself? I found a nifty site called Hillsdale College online courses free – activate your free courses. The best part is that Hillsdale’s online courses are currently totally free! Don’t miss this great offer while it lasts. Of course, […]

It’s Time to #Heal!

Does your homeschooler like to celebrate Halloween? Halloween can be a fun time. Why? For one reason, we can now legitimately laugh at things that otherwise might scare us. Inevitably, we will all one day miss deceased loved ones. However, Halloween can be a time to laugh at things that remind us of a spooky […]