HAPPY 4TH OF JULY Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

sparklers-923029_1920As American citizens and homeschoolers, it is necessary for each of us to read, understand, teach, and protect the liberties that are found in the Declaration of Independence. A great site for learning more about the exciting events that make up the history of our Independence Day can be found at PBS. The short segments include:

  • History of Independence Day
  • History of the American Flag
  • History of the National Mall
  • Biography of John Philip Sousa
  • Sousa’s Patriotic Music
  • American History Quiz
  • Monumental Fireworks
  • Stars and Stripes Forever
  • Stories of Service
  • Fireworks and Fun

Let us remember the slogan during the Boston Tea Party, “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”! Let us not forget the patriots role in the American Revolution. As Thomas Jefferson so expertly said, “Let us burst the chains…. and assume the blessings and security of self-government. All eyes are open to the {natural} rights of man”.

Let us love and cherish our freedoms! Let us love America!  Let us all celebrate! Happy Independence Day America!



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