Happy Easter Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

Happy Easter my Christian Friends & Homeschoolers, I want to tell you that Heavenly Father and Jesus love you very much! The message of Easter is that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. Jesus is resurrected. He is alive again! Below is a short children's story called "Jesus is Resurrected" you can read with […]


Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers, Happy Sabbath Day! Today seems to be an especially fun day for thinking about God and family. Don't you agree? Now have you ever thought about your deceased family members? I have. What I am trying to say is that I love to look at my family line. Genealogy is […]

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers, Happy Thanksgiving Day! It's an exciting time to be a Christian. I am thankful for: Jesus Christ Heavenly Father The Holy Ghost My wonderful husband, sons, mother, father, and extended family The scriptures Church buildings to meet in Christian friends and all friends Service opportunities Forgiveness U.S. Constitution Original founding […]


Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,   Do you like change? Sometimes I like change. There are many types of changes we have to go through in this life. Some are good and others are not so good. Here is a sampling of some of the changes we get to go through in this life: From […]


Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers, Is it almost Sunday? Do you like Sunday? I do.   Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Why? I like Sunday because I get to go to church. I like Sunday because I get to go to church with my family. Even if I could not go to […]