Happy Easter Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

Happy Easter my Christian Friends & Homeschoolers, I want to tell you that Heavenly Father and Jesus love you very much! The message of Easter is that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. Jesus is resurrected. He is alive again! Below is a short children's story called "Jesus is Resurrected" you can read with […]

Bowling for Free – Christian Friends & Homeschoolers – Post your comments below!

Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers! Do you like to bowl? I do. Bowling is a great way to add exercise to your homeschooling program. Your child will learn a new skill they can enjoy throughout their lifetime. Why bowl? Here are some good reasons to teach your child to bowl: Muscle toning Weight loss Improved […]

The Affective Domain for Homeschoolers

Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers! I am going to discuss the role of theĀ  "affective domain" in the homeschooling program.The affective domain plays a role in all education. What is the affective domain? It has to do with how your child responds to the information that is presented to him. It includes your child's: Attitudes […]