The Affective Domain for Homeschoolers

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

I am going to discuss the role of the  “affective domain” in the homeschooling program.The affective domain plays a role in all education. What is the affective domain? It has to do with how your child responds to the information that is presented to him. It includes your child’s:

  • Attitudes
  • Values
  • Appreciation
  • Biases

Identify how your child “feels” about a topic before presenting it to him. Let’s look at how the four main parts of the affective domain are important when choosing which book(s) you want your child to read. It is important to identify the author’s attitude of the subject before your child reads the book. Identify the values the author promotes in the book. Identify what the author wants the reader to appreciate in the book. Discuss the author biases in the book.

Discuss with your child his own attitude, values, appreciation and biases of a topic. During the assignment, ask your child to write the author’s attitude, values, appreciation and biases of the topic on paper. This procedure will assist your child in developing his own feelings of the topic. It allows your child to become the master of his own education.

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