Word Search Puzzles in Your Homeschooling Program

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

How are you doing? I’m great! Today we are going to talk about “words”. How do you introduce new vocabulary words to your child? One way to do that is through the use of a tool called a “Word Search”. In fact, you can create your own word search for your child. This gives you complete control over the difficulty of new vocabulary words. This will also give your child practice in identifying the correct spelling of the new vocabulary words. I found a great site where you can create a word search for your child in the homeschooling program. Just click on PuzzleMaker to create a word search.

The seven steps in creating your own word search are listed below:

  1. Enter the title of your word search
  2. Enter the size of your word search puzzle
  3. Word search puzzle options
  4. Word search puzzle output type
  5. Enter your words
  6. Check your puzzle
  7. Print your word search

I think you will find this site a nifty tool for the introduction of new vocabulary words in your homeschooling program. I successfully used it on a regular basis in my social studies and reading classes. Enjoy!

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