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Do you know anyone who would like a prayer? I do. Our family members need a prayer. Our neighbors need a prayer. Our ministers need our prayers. Our country is in dire need of prayer. Everyone needs a prayer. So, we are praying for you. And by the way, we need and appreciate your prayers too!

Heavenly Father, we are thankful for our wonderful Savior, and the King of the Universe, for His majesty and glory. We are thankful for Thy many blessings. We give thanks for Thy goodness, Thy grace, and Thy tender mercies. We acknowledge our imperfections and ask that we may become better this next year, this next month, and this very moment.

We thank Thee for our families, for their love, and the hard work they do each and every day. We thank Thee for our friends and neighbors, for their goodness and the examples they try to set for those around them. We thank Thee for the teachers, priests, mothers, fathers, children, and others, that never give up. We thank Thee, Father in Heaven, for the many freedoms we enjoy.

We ask Thee to bless us with opportunities to do good and to better the world around us. Please give us insight in how to magnify the talents Thou hast given us. We ask Thee for strength, and goodwill to go forth among all people of the earth. We ask Thee to bless the local, state, and world leaders that they may have the good of the people they represent in their hearts and minds when decisions are made in their behalf. We beg for Thy forgiveness of our transgressions and ask for the fortitude to go forth in wisdom’s path daily. We acknowledge the greatness, powers, and glories of the King of the Heavens, the Savior of all mankind. We ask Thee to help us be counted among the faithful. We know the path of eternal life is through Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior. Help us to love one another and to keep Thy commandments, for that is how we will find true peace, eternal happiness, and safety. In the Blessed Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

18 Pray always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watch thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. (New Testament: Ephesians 6:18)

Homeschoolers/Parents/Teachers/Devotionals: draw/color an illustration. Read a child’s story about prayer in Learning to Read: New Testament Stories. Put these words in alphabetical order: prayer, teachers, ministers, love, commandments, freedoms. Say each word out loud one time. Use each word in a sentence. Write what the word “prayer” means to you. Say a prayer. (Skills: identify, comprehend, apply, creative, oral)


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