Life Day

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Love Star Wars? Love good instead of evil? Then “Life Day” is for just for you. Important Star Wars Facts –

  • Life Day began as a Wookiee holiday centered around the Kashyyyk Tree of Life
  • Just to refresh, Wookiees were a tall species of furry humanoids from the planet Kashyyyk
  • Wookiees could grow to a height of nearly three meters
  • Life Day can be celebrated by any species in any location
  • Princess Leia Organa once spoke of Life Day as a reminder that we’re all in the same struggle against the powers of evil and darkness
  • This special day can be celebrated with festive decor, twinkling string lights, music, and special food
  • Don’t forget to watch that special Star Wars movie that has your favorite Wookiee
  • Watch the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

Homeschoolers/Educators/Parents: sketch/color an illustration. Theme: good versus evil. Write and say the word “Wookiee” five times so you can learn how to pronounce it and spell it correctly. List five Life Day facts. Read the story called “Puss in Boots” (Kindle/Audio/paperback) in Learning to Read: Favorite Fairy Tales. Explain how the cat helped his master gain the castle. Write and talk about how you think good can overcome evil. (Skills: identify, comprehend, apply, creativity)

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