Happy World Oceans Day

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Hundreds of events are planned around the world to commemorate World Oceans Day. Talks, happy hours, film screenings, beach cleanups, and other events are among them. Find a World Oceans Day event near you (such as below) and join your fellow ocean lovers to get inspired. Here are a few more ideas –

  • Fish craft – Trace a fish shape (Puffer fish) and cut the fish out. Rip different colored construction paper to glue onto the fish. Glue the construction paper onto the fish, overlapping the previous piece of construction paper to create a collage.
  • With a cute under the sea printable, you may introduce your kids to ocean creatures or even a mermaid. They can learn about sea animals, shapes, and colors while still having a good time with play dough.
  • Take a look at this ocean activity video – 6 Engaging Ocean Themed Activities to Use This World Ocean Day – YouTube
  • Some water creatures include fish, shrimp, shark, crab, eel, squid, snail, octopus, sailfish, whale.

Homeschoolers/Parents/Educators: Sketch/color an illustration. Theme: oceans. Read or listen to: The Little Mermaid: in Learning to ReadFavorite Fairy Tales (Kindle/audiobook/paperback). Describe the Little Mermaid’s adventures. List three facts about lakes/oceans and the animals that live in it. Write about your favorite lake or ocean. List the above water creatures in alphabetical order. You might want to: take a lake/ocean picture and label it. Help pick up your trash when you are leaving the lake or ocean. (Skills: identification, comprehension, creativity, appreciation, application)

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  2. Pingback: Happy World Oceans Day Martha Quinn — Christians Forever – Romulan News Channel

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