Survival Apps – Did you know?

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Survival of the fittest! Here are a few of the many survival apps available for your phone.  You can learn so much about tying knots and “how to” talk with someone that speaks another language. For many years, the Boy Scouts have taught the importance of securing a good knot and a few basic survival skills. Be aware of what information is being collected in an app before you use it. If the internet is down, then you will not be able to access your apps. You might want to download and save some of the information before that happens. Remember to always first ask a professional and trusted adult to stay safe. Here are few fascinating survival apps –

  • PictureThis – Plant Identifier
  • IHunt – Sports hunting app and animal caller
  • Wikipedia – Explore your world
  • GoogleTranslate – Translate 108 languages
  • Sunsurveyor – Helps photographers
  • – Choose a route and journey
  • Googleearth – 3d terrain of the globe
  • 5-0 RadioPoliceScanner – Be one of the first to know
  • Knots3d – Over 150 knots
  • Gasbuddy – Find cheap gas
  • FirstAid: American Red Cross – For emergency situations
  • Weatherbug – Weather forecast

Homeschoolers: sketch/color an illustration. List two ways to be resilient. Finish this sentence: I am prepared with …. Read the story called Mr. Jeremy Fisher and write how Jeremy survived.

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