Robots in the Restaurant

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Robot technology is here. Remember the show from many years ago called The Jetsons? Well, for some it’s here. Many restaurants are still dealing with a shortage of staff. As a result, many fast-food restaurants are only open for drive thru. One restaurant (Noodle Topia) is dealing with the staff shortage by employing robots for help. The robots are called Bella and Hola. While Bella is programmed to serve patrons, robot Hola is programmed to help clean. Look at more fascinating facts –

  • Staffing shortages plague the restaurant industry
  • About 87 percent of food service operators say they currently do not have enough employees to support existing customer demand
  • It costs around $800 a month to lease a robot
  • It’s not 100 percent effective to occupy a person’s position, but it helps a lot

Homeschoolers: sketch/color an illustration. Theme: futuristic theme. Finish this sentence: The future will bring …. Read the story The Bamboo Cutter and describe what was in the glowing bamboo plant. Write what you think about robots helping in the restaurant industry. Is it good or bad?





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