Lego Day

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Legos – have you played with them? These little plastic-colored bricks have been sparking creativity and joy in kids of all ages for almost 70 years. Legos bring back memories of our childhood. Legos make memories for our children and grandchildren. Did you know?

  • Lego means “play well”
  • The Lego company submitted its patent application on January 28, 1958
  • In 1976 the company released the iconic, yellow-faced humanoid bricks
  • A Lego film was released in 2014
  • There are so many Lego bricks in the world, that it’s estimated that they outnumber people 80 to 1


Homeschoolers/Parents/Educators: Sketch/color an illustration. Theme: fun games. Read the story called “Rumpelstiltskin” in Learning to Read: Favorite Fairy Tales. Find out which game Rumpelstiltskin played with the young maiden. Put these words in alphabetical order: game, gold, play, ring, creative. Spell each word out loud. Make up new words that start with each letter of the word L, e, g, o, s. For example, you could make up the word “love” because “love” starts with the letter “l” which is the first letter of the word Legos. Do something with Legos. Play a Lego Bingo game by clicking on this link here. Watch the Lego Movie. Talk about your favorite Lego fun thing to do. (Skillset: identify, comprehend, spelling, creativity, verbal, application)


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