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Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for our many blessings, our trials, our memories, our family, our friends, and yes, even those who oppose us. Why? We can learn from everyone. Everyone here on this earth, everyone who is a human being, is our brother and sister because we are all descendants from our first parents, from Adam and Eve.

We celebrate our time on this earth with many different religions, different cultures, different tastes and dislikes, different morals, different beliefs, and different ways of doing things. But, nonetheless, we are all related in one way or another. Some of us make good choices while others make poor choices. Some choose to follow God while others do not. No one on this earth at this time is perfect in any way. Some of us are smart while others are not so smart. Some of us are cute while others are plain looking. Some of us are physically strong while others are weak.

Some of us have had great opportunities while others are still waiting for their chance to do something. Some of our ancestors were here already while others migrated here. Some of us work hard but yet have to scrimp and save to make ends meet. Others work a little and seem to have blessings that others do not yet enjoy. Is anyone better than anyone else? Absolutely not. Every lost opportunity will be given to those that are faithful to God and endure to the end. Let us sing praises to God who hath made us all in His glorious image, male and female made He them.

Word Search Instructions:

1. To view vocabulary words in the boxes below the puzzle, click on each box. See the words in the word box.
2. To play, click on the first letter of the word and then click on the last letter of the vocabulary word to highlight the entire word in the puzzle.
3. Words may be found going forward, backward, up, down, or diagonally.
4. After each vocabulary word is found, each word in the box will have a slash through it if clicked on.
5. Once you have completed the word search, a message will say CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WIN!
6. Have fun!

Mobile version may vary. (Word Box: sermon, God, comforted, blessed, thanksgiving)

Homeschoolers/Educators/Parents: sketch/color an illustration. Theme: thanksgiving. Write and say the word “thanksgiving” five times so you can learn how to pronounce it and spell it correctly.  Put these words in alphabetical order: sermon, God, comforted, blessed, thanksgiving. Go here to read the story called “Sermon on the Mount” (Kindle/Audio/paperback) in Learning to Read: New Testament Stories. Write about the “Sermon on the Mount”. Share with someone one of your greatest blessings. Draw and color a picture of a turkey and other yummy family traditions. Label your picture. Tell the story of your most favorite family Thanksgiving Day to a friend. Create a poem about Thanksgiving Day. (Skills: identify, comprehend, apply, organize, creativity, affective domain)

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