Happy Pi Day Wordsearch

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Happy Pi Day! This is to celebrate the number 3.14, circles, and math! It is a ratio that allows us to measure all different parts of a circle. Pi’s first three digits are 3.14. The number Pi helps us understand geometry and astronomy. Pi is used in construction as well.

 Enjoy this fun word search called “Happy Pi Day.” Word searches develop spelling skills, extend vocabulary, and emphasize pattern recognition. Find all of the hidden words! Enjoy replaying one of your favorite word searches. Each time you replay it, the words are reordered to make it more challenging.

Word Search Instructions:

1. To view vocabulary words in the boxes below the puzzle, click on each box.
2. To play, click on the first letter of the word and then click on the last letter of the vocabulary word to highlight the entire word in the puzzle.
3. Words may be found going forward, backward, up, down, or diagonally.
4. After each vocabulary word is found, each word in the box will have a slash through it if clicked on.
5. Once you have completed the word search, a message will say CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WIN!
6. Have fun!

Mobile version may vary. (Word Box: Pi, number, math, circle, astronomy)

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Homeschoolers: sketch/color an illustration. Label it. Read the story Rumpelstiltskin and explain how three tries was just too much! Create three math problems and solve!


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