Halloween Gifts

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Boo! It’s almost time to – buy Halloween books, like Learning to Read: Fairy Tale Adventures, and watch scary Halloween movies like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Homeschoolers/Educators/Parents: Sketch/color an illustration. Theme: spooky.  Read/listen to the audiobook story called “Seven Ravens” in Learning to Read: Fairy Tale Adventures  (Kindle/Audiobook/Paperback). Put these words in alphabetical order: gold, ring, ravens, dwarf, hobbits. Finish this sentence: Halloween is a time to watch my favorite scary movie… Describe the spell that was put on the 7 ravens. Explain why you think only one person could take away the spell. (Skills: identify, comprehend, describe, analyze, creativity).

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Book author, licensed teacher, master's degree (Reading K-12, Social Studies 7-12). Former homeschooler. Happily married Christian with two terrific children. Loves animals, swimming, music, fishing, gardening, cooking, traveling, exciting movies, good books, and the great outdoors.

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