George Washington

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Happy Freedom Day! Freedom can mean so many different things to so many different people. One person though that comes to mind is that of George Washington. He could have easily won a third term as president, but declined as he wanted to go back to his life as a private citizen. We know he was –

  • a man, husband, father
  • general
  • first elected president of the United States
  • commander-in-chief
  • father of his country – America
  • farmer, surveyor
  • hunter
  • dancer
  • journal writer
  • delegate
  • Christian

Homeschoolers/Teachers/Parents: Sketch/color an illustration. Read one of our Learning to Read book stories and write about your favorite character. List five characteristics about George Washington and five characteristics about your favorite character. Explain why you chose this character. (Skills: identify, compare/contrast, reasoning, creative.)

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Book author, licensed teacher, master's degree (Reading K-12, Social Studies 7-12). Former homeschooler. Happily married Christian with two terrific children. Loves animals, swimming, music, fishing, gardening, cooking, traveling, exciting movies, good books, and the great outdoors.

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