Food Prices – Did You Know?

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Do you like to eat pastries, sandwiches, or sweets? Then you might have noticed that wheat prices have been going up. There are several reasons for this product increase. Did you Know?

  • Prices are a result of milling, marketing, and selling
  • Freight costs refers to trucking costs for moving the product
  • Freight costs from farm to mill have increased 25 to 40 percent in some shipping routes
  • Labor and ingredient costs are passed on to the consumer
  • In July 2020 wheat prices per bushel went for $4.50
  • In July 2021 wheat prices per bushel went for $6.75
  • A bushel is equal to 60 lbs. of wheat

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Write the words “mill, market, sell” ten times and look up the definitions for each word. Use each word in a sentence. Subtract the 2020 price from the 2021 price. Theme: food. Finish this sentence: My favorite pastry is… Read the story called Little Red Hen.  Describe how you think the Little Red Hen feels as she bakes her bread.✍️



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