Believe it or Not!!!

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I found this slanted, misleading question below in a current high school history book. It misleads the high school student into thinking that communism is comparable to conservative views in America today. Tell me what you think!

  • “How does this quote fit with what you have learned about Conservative views
    on government?
    “Built in 1961, the Berlin Wall served to stem the mounting tide of immigration from Communist East Germany into the democratic western sector of the city. . . . As reforms sparked by Mikhail Gorbachev swept through Eastern Europe, however, East German citizens began pressuring their government to open its borders. On November 9, 1989, the gates were thrown open, and East and West Berliners finally mingled freely. With great enthusiasm, they took hammers and chisels to the wall and tore down the hatred symbol of division.
    —National Geographic Magazine” (Source: The American Vision, Modern Times, page 320)

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