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Thirsty? Want to go swimming? Is it time to plant your vegetable garden? Need to water your flower garden? All these activities take a special substance composed of the chemical element’s hydrogen and oxygen and exist in gaseous, liquid, and solid states — it is called WATER! The Colorado River system is strained due to its shrinking water supply. Other fascinating facts –

  • Nevada, California, Arizona, and Mexico all rely on water from Lake Mead and the Colorado River
  • The river’s flows have increasingly been insufficient to meet all the demands of cities and farms across the region
  • The bathtub rings on Lake Mead show how the water levels are drastically falling
  • Farmers in 2022 are expected to get 25% less water for their farming needs
  • 2022 will bring mandatory cuts on water usage in the southwest
  • Hoover Dam relies on Lake Mead to produce electricity and is affected by the lower water levels
  • Lake Mead is fed by the Colorado River
  • Lake Mead has dropped thirty-five feet since 2000

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Describe the megadrought. Theme: water. Analogy: Read the story called Mr. Jeremy Fisher and describe what Jeremy saw in the pond.


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