Kids like to because

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Kids like to read our exciting, fun, out of the world books because… Because why? Give a child one of our books for Christmas because…

  • Because the friends in our books become their friends too
  • Because the adventures take them on a journey far, far away
  • Because they can laugh, have a short cry, or smile all day long

Learning to Read: Favorite Fairy Tales 

Learning to Read: Fairy Tale Adventures

Homeschoolers/Educators/Parents: sketch/color an illustration and label it. Theme: Fav stories! List your favorite “Learning to Read” stories. Rewrite the middle and ending of two of your favorite stories. Share with someone your new stories. (Skills: identify, comprehend, apply, organize, creative, affective, analyze, synthesize.)


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Book author, licensed teacher, master's degree (Reading K-12, Social Studies 7-12). Former homeschooler. Happily married Christian with two terrific children. Loves animals, swimming, music, fishing, gardening, cooking, traveling, exciting movies, good books, and the great outdoors.

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