School’s Out!

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You must have heard that school’s out!

Think it’s time to wrap up your Christian #Homeschooling program for the year? Get out that notepad or iPad, and jot down a few places you might want to go with your homeschooler. Almost everyone loves animals. The zoo is a relaxing place to visit. Other places you might want to consider include:

  • Amusement Parks/Nature Parks
  • Favorite Restaurants
  • Lakes/Beaches
  • Stores
  • Basketball-Baseball Games, etc.

If you feel like partying, listen to Alice Cooper’s rendition of School’s Out on Utube. You might even want to create a favorite end of year special commemoration. Ask your homeschooler if he wants to visit an amusement park or nature park. Maybe he has a special restaurant he likes to go to. Then again, maybe he wants to just chill playing in the water or have a beach party with friends. Just ask and I bet you will definitely find out real quick where and how he wants to celebrate the end of another home school year.

Even though your homeschooler is finished, you will probably need to update your child’s educational records. Remember to celebrate growth. Have everyone in the family make a list of some of the things they are glad they learned or ways they have grown over the past year. This exercise is especially helpful for parents, who may have overcome many challenges without realizing it. Compliment each other on all efforts and accomplishments.

Create a growth chart and post how your child’s reading skills have developed. After you have tested him, list his reading grade level. List and post the books he has read. List and post the projects he has made. Hang up some of his projects for others to see. Share some of these accomplishments on Facebook for his family and friends to also see.

Another idea is to make a DIY memory collage. Did you go on any memorable trips or outings this past year? What were some of the funniest or scariest moments? Do any particular words come to mind that can be woven into this tangible reminder of what this year meant to your family? Look back and reflect.

Then, finally make goals for next year. Evaluate yourself and ask your child to evaluate himself. This is a time for everyone to learn from their own successes and challenges.

When all of this is done, have fun! Both of you earned it! See ‘ya soon!


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