Is It “Fall” Already?

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

fall autumn leavesDo you have any special memories of autumn?  Is it your special season of the year?  While autumn is not my most favorite season of the year, I do enjoy it thoroughly.  Possibly like you, I have special childhood memories associated with the season we have nicknamed “Fall”. 

Now have you ever wondered how autumn got its nickname?  I have. Maybe it is because leaves start to fall from the trees. Or is it because the sky is falling?  Or is it because the stock market is falling again? The trees here turn beautiful colors of yellow, orange and red. 
I remember as a child watching my parents rake leaves. Finally there a mountain of leaves. Sometimes my mother would allow me to jump right into that huge mound of leaves.  Wow! That was fun! Did you ever do that too?
Later I remember collecting a few of those special colored leaves. Those special leaves would be pressed in a favorite book.  In fact, I still have a few leaves from my childhood home that were preserved. They help serve as a reminder of some of those fond memories of earlier childhood days.

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