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Welcome back to History in 3 Minutes Podcast. Today we are going to digress and take a look at the topic called “Language”.

  • A language is a symbol system
  • Each language is made up of sounds, gestures, characters, and letters
  • For example, the gesture of a smile is made by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth
  • Children learn the sounds of letters by listening to the teacher and looking at their mouth
  • Language sets people apart from animals
  • When we learn the language, we acquire a new tool
  • This tool helps us establish relationships, convey information, and interpret experiences
  • In the United States, the word “my” can be used to emphasize the individual and not the group
  • For example, my mother, my school, my school bus, and my country
  • Language is the most important symbol system people have created
  • The English language comes from Latin

So, Homeschoolers: your vocabulary words to look up today are symbol, language, sounds, gestures, characters, letters, information, and Latin.

Younger students: print each vocabulary word five times. Draw a picture. Write a sentence using your vocabulary word.

Older students: Write each vocabulary definition five times. Sketch an illustration and write a summary. Imagine you are learning a new language. Explain which language you want to learn and why.

All students – read out loud what you wrote.  You can look for a future word search for review. That’s all folks. Bye. Bye!


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