Happy Valentine’s Day Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, my Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

Heart And 3d Character Showing Love And Valentines Stock PhotoOh, how sweet you might be thinking. Well, I am trying to be sweet. What is the origin of Valentine’s Day? How can you teach your child about Valentine’s Day in your homeschooling program? First off, let’s use one of the resources the internet provides –Wikipedia. Instruct your child to click on Valentine’s Day. It starts off with a general introduction on the topic of Valentine’s Day. The following sections include: Historical Facts, Legends, Folk Traditions, Connection With Romantic Love, and Modern Times; ending with the See Also section. Listed below are sample Valentine’s Day assignments.

This would be a good time to show your child the different sections in the article. How you actually use the article from Wikipedia will be based on the age of your child, what you want him to learn, and how much time you have allocated for your child to complete this learning activity.

Q & A Assignment: Begin by asking your child what he thinks Valentine’s Day is all about. Briefly discuss the topic. Create a list of 5-20 questions based on the reading of this free, online article. Read the questions with your child out loud. You may also read part or all of the article with your child. Minimally read the first paragraph with your child. By having your child read the article, you will gauge if the assignment is too difficult to complete without your help. If you child does not need assistance, you can make this an independent assignment.

Geography Assignment: Find a world map and ask your to child to point to each country that is referenced in the article. This, of course, is a fun way to explore world geography. Instruct your student to draw a world map on white construction paper. Then label each country and draw a heart on the country that is mentioned in the Wikipedia article. Ask your child to compare the geography of one continent to another. For a younger child – tell your child to look at three of the pictures. Instruct him to describe each picture in three sentences. Then instruct him to draw a picture of a heart and color it.

Literature Assignment: You can also use Valentine’s Day to have your child practice his skills in poetry. Many people remember the poem: “Rose are Red, Violets are Blue. Sugar is Sweet, and So are You”. Instruct your child to write a poem. He can start his poem with the first two stanza’s of the “Roses are Red” poem.

Encourage your child to have fun learning about this holiday. Stay sweet!

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