Happy President’s Day, February 15th

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

What a great time to learn more about U.S. president’s and the White House. Your child can easily learn more by clicking on the site President’s Day. The History Channel does a great job of showing short video clips about the history of President’s Day. Instruct your child to view each selected video clip. Instruct your child to write down a few facts for each topic. Afterwards, further discuss anything you want to particularly emphasize with your child. Some of the the video clips include:

  • Presidential Fun Facts
  • Deconstructing History: White House
  • Deconstructing History: Mount Rushmore
  • Presidential Doomsday Plan
  • The Situation Room
  • The President’s Nuclear Football

This is a great way to appreciate and honor President’s Day with your child. It is simple and informative. Have fun together discovering more about the history and role of the United States president.


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