Happy Juneteenth

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Freedom for all! Juneteenth is a new federal holiday observing the end of slavery in the United States. On June 19, 1865, news of emancipation reached people in the deepest parts of the former Confederacy in Galveston, Texas. Before that the 13th amendment was passed by the House on January 31, 1865, outlawing slavery. The 13th amendment is considered a Civil War amendment.

  • June 19 has been set aside as a federal holiday to reflect and celebrate the ending of slavery
  • Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last. (Martin Luther King Jr. quote)
  • We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. (Martin Luther King. Jr. quote)

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Describe freedom. Theme: Helping each other. Read the story called The Talents and describe how we can better help one another.


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