Father’s Day Activities

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

What type of gift will your child give to his Dad in honor of Father’s Day?  I found some really nifty activities to use in your homeschooling program on a site called Education. It includes printable Father’s Day cards, worksheets and coloring pages. Look at these easy, and creative projects below:

  • Print Dad a cool and customizable card (or Father’s Day crown!) for your little one to complete
  • Instruct your child to compose an “All About My Dad” essay for a great, topical Father’s Day writing activity
  • Work together to complete a Father’s Day booklet to knock out some handwriting practice while creating a wonderful keepsake for Dad
  • Help your little one honor Dad with a fun and creative worksheet
  • Give your child  crayons, colored pencils or markers for the special Father’s Day coloring pages

Some of the titled projects include: All About My Dad, Father’s Day Activities: Draw A Portrait, Father’s Day Coloring: Make A Tie, Father’s Day Word Search, Father’s Day Certificate, Father’s Day Card, Father’s Day Letter Writing, Super Day Coloring Page, Writing A Letter To Dad, Father’s Day Essay, Printable Father’s Day Card, Color The Father’s Day Message, Color The Father’s Day Gift, Father’s Day Quotes, Color The Father’s Day Cake, Father’s Day Find-It, Father’s Day Booklet, Father’s Day Game Trek, Father’s Day Recipes, Father’s Day Baseball Trading Card, Father’s Day Fishing, and Card Writing for Father’s Day.

These free Father’s Day gifts are targeted for preschool through fifth grade children. Check out the printable Father’s Day “Let’s Go Fishing Game”. You can easily  print this fishing game as an alternative to expensive Father’s Day entertainment. This game is packed with colors, fishing, and fun! Let the creative juices flow!

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