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Happy First Day of Summer 2021! Yesssss! Let’s get out those swimsuits, fishing poles, shorts, and head to the first Taco Stand or Baskin Robbins you see! What makes it officially summer? Look at these fascinating summer facts –

  • The Summer solstice is the day with the most hours of sunlight during the entire year
  • The word solstice comes from the Latin words for “sun” and “to stand still”
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, it always occurs around June 20th or 21st
  • This June date is considered the first day of Summer
  • The movie called “Summer Magic” (oldie 1965) will delight all lovers of summertime

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Write what you like to do in the summer. Theme: summer. Listen to the audiobook story Peter Rabbit for exciting summer adventures.

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