A Mother’s Blessing

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     May God bless each sick woman, especially the mothers, and those who want to be mothers, but have not yet been blessed with that opportunity. May God bless their families too, for when the rest of the family is taken care of the mother is comforted. We pray for those who are feeling down, forgotten and lost. They may forget thee for a moment, but God will not forsake thee. We want to send our love and prayers especially for those mothers, who are not feeling too well on this day. We want to send our love to those mothers who have been faithful, even when they have been hurt, or when they have felt like they were not important enough to others. We know that all women are important. All women are daughters of God. All women are children of God. All women have a divine identity and are loved by God.

Homeschoolers/Educators/Parents: Sketch/color an illustration. Theme: God’s love. Read the story “Prayer” in LEARNING TO READ: NEW TESTAMENT STORIES. Color a picture of prayer. Put these words in alphabetical order and use in a sentence: prayer, God, thankful, help, Jesus, blessings, name. Count your blessings. Give thanks for your mother. Share a special prayer experience. Say a private prayer and/or group prayer (in person, even on the phone, or by their gravesite). (Skillset: identify, comprehend, apply, synthesis, oral)



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