Watch this Cute #Caterpillar Video!

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Do you know someone who is “stuck” trying to learn how to do something? Does it seem like they cannot learn, no matter how hard they try? Well, just click on this video called Caterpillar. Isn’t it just so very cute?

Maybe the caterpillar is trying to stay warm. Or maybe the caterpillar is afraid of a predator. Then again, maybe the caterpillar is just taking a a nice short snooze. It appears the caterpillar is just not moving. We really don’t quite know what the caterpillar is thinking.

The point is that sometimes we need to try something different if we want a different outcome. There are all different types of learning styles too. Do not be afraid to try audio books, print books, and even Kindle books in your homeschooling program. Then one day you might find a beautiful butterfly has emerged nearby.



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