Teach Your Child Voting is Important

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Do you know the date for the primary election in your state for 2020? A primary election is when voters can indicate their preference for a candidate in an upcoming election.

Tips for teaching your child about the voting process:

  • Model the behavior. The best way to teach this is to take your child with you to the polls. Bring something age-appropriate for your child while waiting in line.
  • Talk about the issues. This will help your child understand why voting is important, why it matters who is elected, and what the governmental process is like.
  • Take your child to rallies or community events. Take your child to events like the monthly congressional district meetings in your area. It’s usually quite fun as well as educational.

After you have voted, you can give your child a sticker that says, “I voted”. Let your child know you voted and why it was important to you.


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