Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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Have you seen Sonic the Hedgehog 2? Ever hear of that blue hedgehog who can run supersonic speeds while trying to stop the mad scientist Dr. Robotnik (Carrey)? This movie is a blast! It’s full of fun and is a safe movie for the whole family to watch. Let’s check off some of the Sonic movie facts you will want to know –

  • The action is robust
  • The jokes are funny
  • Doctor Robotnik is the never-ending villain
  • Knuckles has some real surprises
  • This film is what many Disney fans long to see

Homeschoolers/Educators/Parents: Sketch/color an illustration. Theme: adventure. Read the story called “Tom Thumb” in Learning to Read: Favorite Fairy Tales. Describe Tom’s adventures. Write about your favorite adventure and animal friend. (Skillset: comprehension, writing practice, main idea.)

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