Power Outages

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By now, we all know there are numerous power outages across the country. Thankfully, many good neighbors are helping one another. A power outage is kind of like going camping whether you want to or not. Let’s see if there is anything else we can improve on in case we unexpectedly find ourselves with another power outage. What is one thing you could do to be better prepared? Here are a few useful items to stock in your emergency backpack:


  • Backpack to fill with emergency supplies
  • Emergency radio with flashlights and batteries
  • Water and non-perishable food
  • Food bars, gum, candy and favorite snacks
  • Games and cards to play
  • Books and scriptures to read
  • Coloring books with colored pencils, toys
  • Manual can opener, portable generator
  • Extra medicines
  • Physical maps, whistle
  • Wool blankets or sleeping bags, socks, gloves, hats
  • Pocketknife and toilet paper
  • Cell phones with chargers
  • Matches and fire starters, compass, tent
  • Contact Information

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration of a power outage. List what you could do to be prepared.

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