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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

Do you remember listening to that special radio station your family enjoyed when you were a child? Let’s reminisce here a bit. In my family, we especially listened to WWJ 950. I remember being told as a child that my father was friends with Sonny Eliot.They played together in the streets as children in Detroit many years ago. You might ask, who is Sonny Eliot? Sonny Eliot became a celebrity newscaster who worked at the radio station WWJ 950. He became well-known with his weather reports, humorous one-liners, and improbable analogies and similes.This link tells you more about his contributions to WWJ 950. Around that time, other well known radio programs included The Adventures of Babe Ruth, Democracy Now, and The Grand Ole Opry.

Moving forward to today, have you also taught your child how to enjoy listening to the radio in your homeschooling program? One radio station with political commentary which I found almost by accident is called The Real Side Radio Show by Joe Messina who also has a page on Facebook. You can even call in, ask questions, or make comments online. At present, Joe is considered a leader in conservative media with loyal listeners in 42 states, 38 countries and across the Internet, airing Monday through Friday each week. His book, Ramblings of a Right Wing, Bible Thumping, White Guy! is available on Amazon. I recently bought the Kindle edition and I am reading it now.

Find a radio station that you and your child will enjoy listening to together. Discuss what you both like and dislike about the program. Include listening to radio programs in your homeschooling program. This will help develop your child’s auditory skills.

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