Israel in Turmoil

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Israel is in turmoil. There have been over 1,050 rockets and shells fired by Gaza terror groups since Monday aimed at the Israeli population. Please pray for an end to the military conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Here are some of the current event facts:

  • The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) launched air strikes to intercept 500 targets in the Gaza Strip with the Iron Dome air defense system
  • The Iron Dome has about a 90 percent success rate
  • Still there are civilian casualties
  • Sirens heard in Gaza border communities
  • Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif is traveling to Damascus to discuss developments in Israel and the Gaza Strip
  • The IDF intercepted a drone
  • The IDF orders the public to stay in their rocket shelters
  • There is intense Araba rioting in the city of Lod

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Describe the turmoil in Israel. Analogy: Read the story called “Mr. Tod”. Describe the badger.

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