Got corn?

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There is so much talk of shortages – food shortages, diesel shortages, chip shortages, parts shortages and so on. Some people have seen empty shelves while others do not even know shortages exist. Well, here is some good news to combat all that alarming news. Did you know?

  • Argentina is the world’s third largest corn supplier
  • Argentina is expected to produce a record corn crop
  • Argentina has had ideal weather for producing its next crop
  • Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are expected to see record corn yields
  • China corn production is at record levels
  • U.S. expecting second largest corn harvest ever

Homeschoolers:  sketch/color an illustration. Theme: planting. Finish this sentence: I like to plant… Read the story called “Little Red Hen in Learning to Read: Favorite Fairy Tales. Look at the World Corn Production chart above. What does it say for the first category: the world 2021 estimate? 2022 forecast? Change from August 12? Change from 2021?

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