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Those living in the western part of the United States are in a drought. Many people in the midwestern states are praying for rain. More drought facts include:

  • Since the start of the water year, which began Oct. 1, 2020, major American cities in the West have seen well below average precipitation
  • California’s drought has recently worsened
  • The National Snow and Ice Data Center said snow cover now is the lowest in the 21-year satellite record
  • The U.S. Drought Monitor estimates that seventy-four million people are living in drought areas
  • The western drought is caused by below normal precipitation and above normal temperatures
  • This impacts the farmers and fisheries
  • The low water levels at Lake Mead and Lake Powell (two largest reservoirs) could cause water shortages
  • We can help by conserving water

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Describe the drought in the west. Theme: water-drought.  Analogy: Listen to the audiobook story “Three Little Pigs” and describe what the pigs do with the water.

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