Did You Know? Container Ships

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Container ships are again waiting off the California coast. As of August 31st, forty-six container ships are lined up at sea, waiting to enter the ports to unload their products. Here are some more fascinating facts. Did You Know?

  • The California ports are key to importing goods from China
  • The California ports account for about one-third of all US imports
  • The delays are causing a few shortages
  • Automotive trade volume for the port of LA in 2020 was 103,453
  • Automotive trade volume for the port of LA in 2019 was 127,042
  • The ships carry popular imports such as furniture, auto parts, clothes, electronics, toys, and plastics
  • You can beat this supply-chain crisis by ordering your Christmas gifts ahead of time

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Theme: products/gifts. Subtract the 2020 trade volume from the 2019 trade volume. Finish this sentence: All I want for Christmas is… Read the story called The Little Match Girl. Write about her Christmas adventures.

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