Crazy Mazes!

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Have fun playing this online maze. Why play a maze? It’s fun and relaxing. Invite the kiddies. Kids love mazes – it’s a fact! It will keep them engaged and having fun.

What is a maze? A maze is a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance to a goal. A maze is a series of wall making dead ends, entry’s and exits to get out, in and around the maze. Maze solving is the act of finding a route through the maze from the start to finish. As an added bonus, mazes help children develop problem solving skills.

Maze Instructions:

  • Choose your cell (square) settings.
  • Choose how many cells (squares) you want in your maze.
  • For example, the number 3 means it’s a 3 by 3 maze with a total of 9 cells (squares).
  • Hit go.
  • Start at the blue square.
  • Move through the maze by clicking on the cell (square) you want to move into.
  • Once you move away from the first blue cell (square) it will change to green.
  • Click left, right, up, or down to make a path to the end.
  • The path will reveal itself as you move.
  • You may have to circle back as you go.
  • Your goal is to reach the red square.
  • Follow the best path that takes you to the end.
  • Once there, you have won!
  • You can click on “Click here to try again” to play again.

Maniacal Maze Random Maze Generator

Choose your settings!
Choose your settings below. You can choose how many cells wide and high your maze is!

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