What is Diwali?

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Why not learn about other religions? It’s fun. As Christians, we especially believe in religious freedom for all. So what is Diwali (Festival of Lights)? In America it is celebrated in the late fall and this year it begins on October 27th. It is a gift-giving day and a time to become more spiritually minded. It is a time to give thanks, to eat sweets, and celebrate one’s family and friends.Diwali — This Festival of Lights is a major holiday that is celebrated by Buddhists (followers of Buddha), Jains and Sikhs. It extends over five days and celebrates the victory of good over evil.  Some Jains may even choose to fast for two days of Diwali.

Special Note to Homeschoolers – Identify and explain the following terms: Buddhism, Diwali. Sketch a picture of this holiday.


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