Superbowl – Puppybowl Crossword

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This year the Super Bowl will be played in Glendale, Arizona between the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Who do you think will win? Puppy Bowl XIX has 122 puppies, with 11 puppies with special needs, from 67 shelters and rescues across 34 states. The Puppy Bowl features rescue puppies in colored bandana “uniforms” (blue for Team Fluff, orange for Team Ruff) running on a mock football field. We are featuring the story called “Town Musicians of Bremen” with the cute dog, puppy, and other animal adventures.

Enjoy this crossword called “Puppy Bowl inspired by the fairytale story “Town Musicians of Bremen“ in Learning to Read: Fairy Tale Adventures. Crosswords help develop spelling skills, improve vocabulary, learn interesting new facts, and enhance your critical thinking skills. Crossword puzzles are complex word puzzles that are enjoyable, relaxing, and fun.

Crossword Instructions:

Homeschoolers/Educators/Parents: sketch/color an illustration and label it. Theme: animal adventures. Listen to the audiobook story “The Town Musicians of Bremen” in Learning to Read: Fairy Tale Adventures. Write and say the words ”Super Bowl” five times so you can pronounce and spell it correctly. Put these words in alphabetical order: puppy, dog, animals, running, Super Bowl, cat, donkey, rooster, football. Explain why the dog said the puppy would replace him. Describe what the dog, donkey, cat, and rooster did in the farmhouse. Write about how you can be nice to pets. Share a short story about your favorite animal adventure. (Skills: identify, comprehend, apply, organize, creative, affective, analyze, synthesize.)

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