Right or wrong – Did you know?

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Have you ever said, “That’s not right! It’s wrong!”? When we analyze history, or anything else for that matter, we need to apply a concept called “cultural relativism”. Here are some fascinating facts about cultural relativism. Did You Know?

  • Cultural relativism means that history or culture should not be judged by the standards of another culture
  • Cultural relativism also means that history and culture must be examined in its cultural context–that is, in terms of that culture’s values, norms, beliefs, and environmental challenges
  • Cultural relativism means we try to understand a culture and history on its own terms
  • Sadly, it appears that cultural relativism is not being taught in many schools today, which is why we have so much confusion about the past
  • For example, those from another culture do not immediately appreciate sumo wrestling as a serious sport and instead think of it as two fat guys trying to push each other out of the ring
  • With cultural relativism, we realize that to the Japanese, sumo wrestling is rich with tradition, pageantry, heroes, and elegance
  • Cultural relativism looks at something from someone else’s point of view

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Write the term cultural relativism ten times and define it in your own words. Theme: culture. Read the story called Squirrel Nutkin. Explain why Old Brown chases Squirrel Nutkin.



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