New Testament Stories Trivia Game #10

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These three free fun questions and answers will help you find out what you remember about the story called, “Prayer”. You can read the full Bible story in Matthew, Chapter 6. Great activity for family devotionals. Develop your memory and visualization skills. Replay as many times as you like! Playing this trivia game each week can help review important facts from God’s Word. Here are some tips for making the most out of it.

1. Read each question.
2. Click on the best answer.
3. When completed, your score will be shown at the bottom of the trivia game.
4. Keep playing until you get all correct.
5. Have fun!

Bible Trivia


What is the name of the person Jesus told his disciples to pray to?

1. Heavenly Father
2. Sally


What should we do during our prayers?

1. Sleep
2. Give thanks


We should end our prayer's in who's name?

1. Jesus
2. Samuel

All 3 questions completed!

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Bible Trivia

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