Minimum Wage Chart

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How much has the minimum wage gone up over the years? Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it has stayed the same. Whether you are rooting for it to go up drastically or just a little, we can have fun with it by looking at a chart. Let’s look at the minimum wage year by year, starting with 1938 – 2020 and how it relates to the year 2020 in dollar amount.


  • U.S. minimum wage: $0.25
  • In 2020 dollars: $4.54


  • U.S. minimum wage: $7.25
  • In 2020 dollars: $7.25

1938-.25, 1939-.30, 1940-.30, 1941-.30, 1942-.30, 1943-.30, 1944-.30, 1945-.40, 1946-.40, 1947-.40, 1948-.40, 1949-.40, 1950-75, etc. up to 2020

Here are a few $ math questions for you to answer in looking at the data above and from this link

  1. What was the minimum wage in 1938?
  2. What years did the minimum wage stay the same?
  3. What years saw the biggest increase from the previous year?
  4. In what year did the minimum wage become $7.25?
  5. Are you for or against a minimum wage increase? Explain why.

Homeschoolers: sketch/color an illustration. Theme: money. Analogy: read the story called The Pied Piper of Hamelin. What did the Pied Piper want from the mayor?

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