Happy Sweetest Day – Did you know?

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Happy Sweetest Day! We send you our love and good wishes for a warm, happy, and carefree day where you can find a place to just be happy! Remember that Saturday, October 16th is national Sweetest Day. Other fascinating facts –

  • Sweetest Day is a day of love
  • Sweetest Day is a day to be good to other people
  • Smile on Sweetest Day and it will make you happy
  • Tell a joke or send a card
  • The point of the day is to show others that you care for them
  • You can give them a compliment
  • Give someone a small treat or any other act of kindness
  • Say “thank you”
  • Bake or eat something sweet today
  • Be good to yourself as well

Homeschoolers: sketch/color an illustration. Theme: sweets. Finish this sentence: My favorite treat is…. Read the story called Hansel and Gretel in Learning to Read: Favorite Tale Adventures. Write about your favorite sweet treat.

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