Fill in the Blank

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Let’s take a trip back in history to 1911, New York City. How exciting! Let’s see if we can make some observations and learn from history. Let’s play Fill-in-the-Blank!

  • I see the Statue of __________
  • This looks like theĀ  __________ Bridge
  • Some people are riding a __________
  • Many men and women are wearing __________
  • Some of the women use __________ to protect themselves from the sun
  • There are __________ drawn carriages
  • The __________ carry people on the tracks
  • Many of the men wear a suit and __________
  • There is __________in the skyline in New York City
  • A large __________ boat travels on the water

Word Bank: ferry, fog, Liberty, tie, Brooklyn, buggy, umbrellas, horse, hats, trolleys

Homeschoolers: Describe how life in New York City is different from today.

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